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We are your premier choice for obtaining moving quotes from pre-screened licensed and insured moving companies for local moving, nationwide moving. Strategic partnerships enable the moving services to offer tiered and discount moving services depending on availability. The earlier you know about the move the better. Although we can't always guarantee the lowest price, our moving services and moving companies will compete for your business and offer the lowest prices according to their booking and schedules.

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All requests are processed the day they are received. Moving company will offer estimates to help you approximate moving expenses. Such estimates can be binding (the mover guarantees the price prior to the move) or non-binding (the mover estimates the price and provides final charges after the shipment is weighed). To assist your movers in calculating the cost of your move, show/tell them every item to be moved, including the contents of your attic, basement and garage. Ask the moving company to explain the estimate in detail, and reach a clear understanding about the amount of packing and other services you'll require.

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